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How Does Poker Training Work?

Online poker is experiencing another surge in traffic lately. More players are joining the community and players who played years ago are also returning to the tables. This is great news for the online gambling arena as it’s an opportunity for poker players who work hard to earn money.

The problem is that many players who are new or returning are using old strategy or lack experience to beat their rivals. Fortunately, poker training sites are available that can accelerate a players learning and help them dominate quicker. In this article we will share a few ways in which poker training works.

Hand History Analysis

A hand history review session can be an effective method of improving. It allows the student to share hands with their poker coach will watch and analyse how they are playing. This is a cool way for a student to get personal feedback and support. Texas Hold’em Questions is a poker training site that offers hand history review sessions to players. Their head coach gives players a screen recorder software that records a session – they then watch it back and offer tips on what they could do better. The service is typically charged by the hour but can be cost-effective if you are keen to improve quickly.

Subscription to Videos

Another popular way of improving is to subscribe to training video. Most coaching sites offer a monthly or annual fee to become a member. The prices are very reasonable and the flexibility is great too. The only issue with this method of learning is the impersonal nature of it. You access all the videos but you’re not getting one to one support on things that will help you. However, most coaching sites allow you to contact them and suggest videos you’d like to see in the future. Some might focus on one topic e.g. Texas Hold’em so feel free to contact them to offer videos in other variants.

Phone Calls or Zoom/WhatsApp

Finally, we come to arguably the most expensive method of poker training in calls. With the new software available like Zoom, Whereby and Facetiming, poker coaches have access to video as a means of coaching students.

This can be a great way to interact and learn poker but also pricey. Most poker coaches are not cheap when you pay by the hour. This is expected, after all, any poker coach that is charging a very low rate should be questioned. Why wouldn’t they just play instead of coaching? This way of coaching is better suited for people with higher budgets or want to improve very fast.